How to use Innovative Podcasts in your SLP Classroom

How to use Innovative Podcasts in your SLP Classroom

Have you thought about using a podcast in your speech and language sessions? Check out this handy guide to using podcasts to meet speech and language goals.

Guide to using Podcasts to meet Speech and Language goals

Learn how to use podcasts to build language and listening skills in all of your students!

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How to use Innovative Podcasts in your SLP Classroom

Students enjoy listening to podcasts and research tells us that students will listen much longer than they will read. In addition, listening to podcasts help our students develop into
lifelong learners. Many adults regularly listen to podcasts. My favorite podcast for students is the Six Minutes podcast.

Six minutes podcast for students

This FREE podcast can be found here: . In addition, the Six Minutes podcast can be found on these sites:

Each episode is only six minutes long so it fits in well during a busy school day. This podcast tells the story of Holiday Anders, a girl found floating in the water with no memory. Holiday is taken in by the Anders family in Juneau, Alaska. Holiday is curious about her past and wants to find out who she really is. Meanwhile, others are searching to Holiday. This story-based podcast has it all: heroes, villains, spies, technology, daring escapes, betrayal, love, and teenage angst!


The Six Minutes podcast is ideal for developing listening and vocabulary skills with my students. After listening to an episode, we answer questions about the podcast. Using the events from the podcast, we can summarize events, make predictions, expand vocabulary, retell the story, and more!

Students are actively engaged in the podcast and eagerly await the next episode. The first time that I used the Six Minutes podcast with a classroom was a few years ago. After listening to 2 episodes in class, one of the students went home and listened to 17 more episodes on her own! Once I heard that, I knew that the Six Minutes podcast was something special!

Printable and digital resources for the Six Minutes Podcast

You can easily create your own activities to accompany this free podcast. If you are looking for ready-to-use podcast activities, check out the printable version here:

Click on this link for a digital version:

For a combination of print and digital resources, click here:

There are a total of 205 episodes in the series. Themes of this series are loyalty, friendship, self-discovery, family, and a sense of adventure.

Give the Six Minutes Podcast a try and your students will be wanting more!

How to use Innovative Podcasts in your SLP Classroom