Build Executive Functioning Skills With An Engaging Treasure Hunt


Executive Functioning Skills are crucial for success in all aspects of life, including academics, work, and personal relationships. These skills encompass a range of cognitive processes that help us to manage our thoughts, emotions, and actions effectively. Research tells us that students children with higher levels of executive function (EF) skills consistently demonstrate higher levels of academic achievement. (Willoughby, et. al, 2019).

An engaging and interactive way to develop these skills is through a treasure hunt. As students move along the treasure map towards the treasure, they are developing skills in self-talk, self-awareness, perseverance, planning, focus and more.

The Executive Functioning Explorer Squad


The Explorer Squad story begins with an old map found hidden away in the school library. As our brave adventurers seek to follow the map to find treasure, they uncover skills of self-talk, planning, organization, initiation, perseverance, self-awareness, and focus. These skills are taught with fun and engaging lessons and a reference booklet for all the skills.

Each of the members of the Explorer Squad brings unique talents to the group. As they travel along looking for clues to find the treasure, they acquire and build on their executive functioning skills.

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Use Executive functioning skills to conquer these obstacles

treasure-map-obstacles-the-tombs-of-tomorrow-argument-alley-and-the-pit-of procrastination

In addition, there is also the Ocean of Overwhelm which is a sea of shark-infested waters with waves of self-doubt. Be careful of the Moaning Mountains which are steep ridges where complaints echo and finally, Giving Up Gully where trying stops.

Collect Executive Functioning Cards


As students proceed along the route to the treasure, they collect cards. Each card contains the executive functioning skill at the top, an affirming statement, as well as a jewel and a number value. The teacher can determine how many jewels or points a students needs to earn the Executive Functioning Badges.

When student acquire these cards they are also learning to internalize and apply the skills associated with each card. Here’s how each of the skills is honed during the activity:

1. Self-Talk: Through challenges and discussions, students learn the power of positive self-talk to boost confidence and motivation.

2. Planning: Planning challenges students to realize importance of setting goals and developing strategies to achieve them.

3. Organization: As they earn the collectible cards, students practice organizing their thoughts and belongings systematically.

4. Initiation: Overcoming obstacles reinforces the habit of taking the initiative to tackle tasks.

5. Perseverance: Encountering challenges and setbacks during their day teaches students the value of persistence and resilience.

6. Self-Awareness: This self-reflection skill encourage students to become more aware of their strengths and areas for improvement.

7. Focus: Solving puzzles and completing tasks necessitates concentration and focus.

A Unique Way to teach, practice, and reinforce executive Functioning skills

This resource is a unique way to teach, practice, and reinforce executive functioning skills. Students can work together in groups to advance on the map or students can work individually. As students complete the activities and collect the cards, they are developing their understanding of executive functioning skills in a fun and rewarding manner.

To find the Executive Functioning Treasure Hunt, please follow this link.–10082488: Build Executive Functioning Skills With An Engaging Treasure Hunt