10 Proven Benefits of Using the Thrilling Six Minutes Podcast in the Classroom

The Six Minutes Podcast is a captivating story-based webcast that will keep your students enthralled and listening. Each bite-sized episode lasts only six minutes so they can fit easily into a classroom schedule. With an engaging storyline and cliffhanger endings, your students will be asking for more!

10 benefits of Using podcasts in the classroom

  1. Engaging and entertaining: The Six Minutes podcast is a thrilled audio drama that engages students’ imagination and captures their attention, making it an excellent classroom resource
  2. Easy to incorporate: The podcast is easy to incorporate into lesson plans and can be used as an addition to the curriculum or as a stand-alone activity
  3. Promotes listening skills: The podcast promotes active listening skills as students have to follow the plot and characters to understand the story
  4. Increases vocabulary: The podcast exposes students to a range of new words, phrases, and expressions
  5. Encourages critical thinking: The story involves complex characters and plot twists, which encourages students to think critically and analyze the story
  6. Improves comprehension: The podcast improves students’ comprehension skills as they have to follow the plot, understand character motivations, and interpret story themes
  7. Sparks discussion: The story raises thought-provoking themes and issues, which spark discussion and debate in the classroom
  8. Differentiates: The podcast can be used to differentiate instruction, as students can listen to it at their own pace or in small groups
  9. Adaptable: The podcast can be adapted to suit different age groups and learning levels, making it a versatile tool for teachers to use in the classroom
  10. Builds 21st century skills: More and more instruction will be available through online learning for our students.

Six Minutes is a popular podcast aimed at middle-grade students that follows the adventures of a young girl named Holiday as she tries to solve the mystery of her missing parents.

Computer with image from Six Minutes Podcast

6 unique Features of the six Minutes Podcast

  1. Storytelling: Six Minutes is a compelling story that is well-written and well-produced. The podcast uses sound effects and music to create an immersive and engaging experience for listeners.
  2. Relatable characters: The characters in Six Minutes are relatable and likable, especially the main character, Holiday. Students can see themselves in her shoes and can empathize with her as she goes on her adventures.
  3. Mystery: The mystery of the missing parents is a great hook for students. They want to know what happened to Holiday’s parents and are invested in the story as it unfolds.
  4. Short episodes: Each episode of Six Minutes is only six minutes long, which makes it easy for students to listen to during a short break or in between classes.
  5. Education: Six Minutes also has educational elements woven into the story, including science, technology, and history. This makes it a great way for students to learn while being entertained.
  6. Accessible: The Six Minutes podcast is available on a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Kids Listen and more. I would suggest that you try to find the one with the best quality for the technology in your classroom.

A variety of activities have been developed to accompany the Six Minutes Podcast. Some of these activities include:

  1. Multiple-Choice questions
  2. Short Answer questions
  3. Summarizing the episodes
  4. Using context clues
  5. Finding the main idea
  6. Using vocabulary in context

There are also a variety of ways to use the Six Minutes Podcast Activities. There are printable pages, Google™ Slides, and Boom™ Cards. All of these products are available on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.


Google Slides Version of Six Minutes Podcast Activities


Six Minutes Printable Version of Six Minutes Podcast Activities


To listen to the Six Minutes podcast, check it out on YouTube


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